4 Ways to Meet Your HUBBARD221 Neighbors

HUBBARD221 Neighbors

Whether you’re new to the area or just new to the building, meeting your neighbors doesn’t have to be challenging. It’s actually highly encouraged. That’s why HUBBARD221 offers amenities and events help make it easy. Try these four tips to meeting your HUBBARD221 neighbors.

Hang Out in Community Spaces

Staying cooped up in your home is not the way to meet your neighbors. Instead, spend time in the various community spaces at HUBBARD221. You’re bound to run into neighbors. In the resident lounge, conversation comes easily when you have breathe taking views, comfortable furniture and an artistically designed space. Maybe you bond over watching the big game or a dramatic tv show, the book your reading by the fire, or the food your cooking in the demo kitchen.

Attend Resident Events

HUBBARD221 offers various events for residents throughout the year. Attending these events is one of the best ways to meet your HUBBARD221 neighbors. You’ll be able to mingle in a casual and fun environment. Events have included Kick Off and Wine Down, pool parties, sweet and savory treats in the lobby, and more.

Workout Together

HUBBARD221 has a state-of-the-art fitness center where you can work out next to your neighbors. Connect over a tough workout or take a class at HUBBARD221. This is an easy way to meet your neighbors and possibly snag yourself a workout buddy.

Use Your Pets

There’s no shame in leveraging your pets as conversation starters. Spend time at the dog run to meet your fellow dog-loving neighbors. Your dogs will love having a new buddy to play with.

Meeting your HUBBARD221 neighbors doesn’t have to be awkward or intimidating. Incorporate these HUBBARD221 amenities into your routine and you’ll be meeting people in no time. It all starts with a simple, “Hello!”

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