Incorporate These Pet-Safety Tips at HUBBARD221

pet-safety tips at Hubbard221

The summer heat can be tough on pets. By practicing pet-safety tips at HUBBARD221 this summer you can keep your pets cool and happy. Since we love your pets almost as much as you do, we care about their safety. 

Avoid Hot Sidewalks

Warm weather typically means sunshine and outdoor activities. When you’re outdoors with your four-legged friend be mindful of heat exhaustion, dehydration, heatstroke and sunburns that can occur. So plan your walks early in the morning or late evening when temperatures are lowest. Limit the amount of time spent on hot sidewalks. Seek out shaded areas or take advantage of HUBBARD221’s indoor dog run. This is the perfect place for your pup to let some energy out and stretch its legs. Best of all, it’s indoors so you don’t have to plan around the heat.

Summer Grooming

Grooming your pets properly can be helpful for keeping your pet cool. Regularly brushing the fur of your dog or cat is the best way to keep them cool. It loosens up any extra, unneeded layers. When grooming your dog’s fur, avoid shaving it too short. Fur protects your dog from sunburns and can help them stay cool. Try just trimming them instead. HUBBARD221’s pet spa is an easy and convenient space to keep up with your pet’s grooming needs. Take advantage of it this summer.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is so important for your pets, especially after a walk in the sun. Be sure to keep their water bowls full. If your pup needs to cool down quickly, try adding a few ice cubes. HUBBARD221 is a short walk or bike ride to several dog friendly parks. If you’re going to be outside for a while, be sure to bring extra water along with you. Continue hydrating when you return to your HUBBARD221 home.

Don’t let the summer heat get you and your pet down. We hope these pet-safety tips at HUBBARD221 help you beat the heat. Enjoy the rest of the summer with your pets and stay cool!

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