3 Tips For Maximizing Space at Your HUBBARD221 Apartment

maximizing space

HUBBARD221 makes it easy to maximize your space with their open concept layouts. This allows you a little more freedom to create your own form of organization. No matter what size apartment, these tips for maximizing space can help you get the most out of your HUBBARD221 home.

Organization is Your Friend

From your closets to your kitchen, getting organized and staying organized is the best way to maximize space. Hanging compartment organizers are perfect for maximizing closet space since they come in a variety of sizes. You can easily store folded clothing, shoes, towels, accessories or whatever can fit. If you can fit all of your clothes into your closet, you can get rid of the dresser that’s taking up extra space.

Let it Go

It’s good to purge on occasion. You’ll be surprised how much more room you have when you get rid of items that aren’t being used regularly. This includes clothing. If you’re having difficulty deciding what to let go of, create a system to see what you need to keep. For example, hang your clothing hangers on the back side of the rack. Then, hang it on the front side of the rack once the item is worn. After two to three months, assess what clothing you wear regularly and what clothing can be donated. A similar system can be created for other items in your home.

Hidden Storage

Add shelving to your cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. This allows you two or more levels of storage and the ability to get the most out of your cabinet space. Add drawer organizers to maximize drawer space and help maintain organization in a space that can easily get chaotic. Decorative storage boxes are also a great chance to store several items in one organized space. Plus they look a part of your decor.

Try out these three tips for maximizing space at your HUBBARD221 home. Feel free to share your tips with us.

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