Ways to Unwind at HUBBARD221

Unwind at HUBBARD221

After a long day, you should be able to unwind at HUBBARD221. With our many luxury features and amenities we believe you can. Spend some time trying these de-stressing habits at your HUBBARD221 home.


Whether you’re curled up on your couch or using one of our many community spaces, try drinking a warm beverage and getting lost in a book or diving into a new television series. Find what helps you unwind while taking a moment to just sit and relax.


Find a quiet space to simply breathe. Maybe it’s your bedroom or our private zen zone. Try incorporating yoga breathing techniques and meditation to let go and unwind. Another option is to retreat to one of our outdoor cabanas to lounge and breathe in some fresh air.


A great way to manage stress is to exercise. Our state-of-the-art fitness center can help you sweat the stress away. Whether you enjoy running, walking or feeling the burn from weight exercises, you’ll get a great cardio or weight training workout.


Feel refreshed after a long day with a warm, relaxing shower in your HUBBARD221 home. Add some aromatherapy shower tablets to enhance your stress cleanse. Use scented shampoo and body wash such as lavender, jasmine or rosemary for a calming and peaceful shower. These scents will might even stick with you after your shower!

We hope you find ways to unwind at HUBBARD221 that meet your needs. Ready to call HUBBARD221 home? Contact us today for more information on life in River North or to schedule a tour.