Decorate Your HUBBARD221 Home with These Spring Flowers

Decorate Your HUBBARD221 Home with Spring Flowers

It’s time to freshen up your decor with some spring flowers. Whether you choose fresh cut flowers or flowering houseplants, your HUBBARD221 home is sure to look and feel seasonal. Here are a few plant suggestions to decorate your HUBBARD221 home with spring flowers.

African Violets

African violets are a great plant for someone looking for a low maintenance but beautifully flowering houseplant. With little effort, the flowers will bloom year round. These plants enjoy warmer conditions and being close to a window. Best of all, you can pick a variety that blooms purple, white or pink flowers to matches your decor.


Orchids are a higher maintenance flowering houseplant but the elegance they bring to a room is worth the effort. With the right amount of light, air, water and fertilizer, you’ll have a healthy orchid year round. Keep your orchid near a window with a ceiling fan on. Only water when the soil is dry and fertilized once a week in the summer and more often in the fall and winter. Your home will look and smell like spring with this flowering houseplant.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are another low maintenance but beautiful houseplant. These plants will survive in low light and low humidity. While summer is when you’ll find the most blooms on this plant, it remains a great addition to home decor year round. Peace lilies also work as great air purifiers for your home. The downside to this houseplant is that it is poisonous if consumed. Keep your pets and children away.


Nothing says spring more than a vase full of tulips. Add a pop of color to any room in your HUBBARD221 home with a bouquet of bright pink, yellow, purple, red, white or orange tulips. Go with a bundle of one color or choose multiple.

Decorate your HUBBARD221 home with spring flowers that fit your lifestyle. We hope you feel inspired to bring a little piece of nature into your home this spring.

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