Admire Art at These Spots Near HUBBARD221

Living at HUBBARD221 puts you right in the center of so many wonderful local art galleries and museums. Head to one of these galleries to get creatively inspired and immersed in the art world just steps away from your front door.

Andrew Bae Gallery

Showcasing artists from Asia, primarily Korea and Japan, the Andrew Bae Gallery has been a River North fixture since 1990. Visit the Leeah Joo painting exhibit entitled “Knots and Loose Ends,” which explores drapery as a subject. Andrew Bae Gallery is a nine minute walk from HUBBARD221.

Chicago Design Museum

Creatives and graphic designers will love spending a day in the Chicago Design Museum. Recently, the museum showcased a series focusing on the Hong Kong design scene. The Chicago Design Museum is a 17 minute walk from HUBBARD221.

ECHT Gallery

Exhibits at the ECHT Gallery focus primarily on the use of studio glass. Visit this gallery for thought-provoking sculptures. ECHT Gallery is a nine minute walk from HUBBARD221.

Hilton Asmus Contemporary

For photography enthusiasts, the Hilton Asmus Contemporary will suit your fancy. Here, you’ll find photo exhibits, contemporary paintings, textile work and sculptures. Hilton Asmus Contemporary is a nine minute walk from HUBBARD221.

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